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Buy One Get One Free

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8 Great Things You Didn’t Know About Casement Windows

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Casement windows are cialis prix a popular choice among today’s homeowners due to their sleek, modern design. They’re also simple to operate thanks to their crank handles. This window style also provides one of the most expansive views of all windows available on the market, which is an important consideration for consumers looking to maximize […]

7 Ways to tell if your Windows need to be Replaced

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Replacing the existing windows in your home is an investment that can improve its overall appearance while helping you save on energy costs. It’s not a cheap proposition, so you’ll want to be sure that you’re waiting for the right time to start this type of project.

Horizontal or Vertical Window Blinds

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In the home improvement game, horizontal (Venetian) and vertical window blinds are pitted against each other as competitors, much like the never-ending Elvis vs. The Beatles battle. It’s a personal thing. But, for years, vertical blinds had a bad rap, due in part to cheaply made and easily broken aluminum or PVC construction.

Real or Decorative Window Shutters: Which Are Better for My Home?

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Long before the term “curb appeal” was born, exterior window shutters served an important function in American homes. Before glass was readily available or affordable, wooden shutters protected the homeowners from animals and intruders, provided privacy and afforded some insulation against bitter winter weather and the heat and sun damage during summer.

Can You Replace “Any” Window You Want?

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Every community has different zoning codes and building regulations. Usually these codes, regulations and laws are designed to protect the public from hazards, natural disasters and outdated technology. Some codes and regulations exist with an eye toward maintaining the aesthetic – especially in historical building districts.

Aluminum, Wood or Vinyl Which Windows are Best for You?

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New windows can make an eye-catching difference in any home – whether it’s a classic Victorian, a homey log cabin or a sleek, modern wonder. Whether you want to improve its appearance, open up a spectacular view or simply replace old windows that tend to let in more wind and rain than they keep out, […]

Can Replacement Windows Save You Money?

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Replacing your windows can save you money, but the amount varies depending on a number of factors, including the age of your current windows, the style of your windows, your location and climate and how well your home is insulated. In order to get a clear picture of how much money replacement windows will save, you have […]

What Makes an Energy Star Window?

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Windows provide our homes with warmth, light and ventilation, but age, type, overall condition and a lack of maintenance can also seriously impact a home’s energy efficiency. If your home has very old or inefficient windows, it can be cost-effective to replace them with windows that have earned an ENERGY STAR® efficiency rating. Choosing and […]

Why Do My Windows Fog Up?

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If one or more windows in your home occasionally resemble a cold pitcher of iced tea sweating on a hot summer day, you have a condensation problem. Window condensation is often irritating – and if ignored for too long, it can cause serious damage, particularly if you have older windows. While condensation buildup can cause […]

High-Performance Vinyl Replacement Windows Wholesale Pricing

Offering the widest selection of replacement windows, siding and doors, Jack’s Wholesale Windows provides energy-efficient and affordable products designed to enhance the beauty of your home. We are proud of our reputation for superior customer service and our expert staff is happy to simplify the decision-making process for you today. We stand behind our workmanship, providing a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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