Neat Naturally Clean Glass

Neat Glass Window TreatmentFew things can ruin a beautiful sunny day – but a streaky, dirty window sure comes close. When you’ve spent so much time carefully selecting windows to highlight your home’s architecture, it can be disappointing when you realize that your second story windows aren’t staying as clean as you thought they would.

You don’t need a vaulted ceiling or mansion style entryway to be annoyed by dirty windows. Smaller windows like those above the sink, in the kitchen or in the basement can get dirty just as fast. Let’s face it – the less time you spend on home maintenance, the more time you have to enjoy your home. So, it makes sense to seek out solutions – like Neat® naturally clean glass to help you save time on keeping your home beautiful.

It’s Not a Myth! These Windows Stay Cleaner

When most people first hear about the Neat® coating that we offer at Jack’s Windows, they think it must be a myth. Windows that naturally stay clean tend to rank right up there with Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster and the Jackalope. However, unlike these mythical beasts, Neat® window coating is based on science – not speculation. The layers of the coating work with the sun, wind and rain to keep window surfaces clean longer while making them easier to clean when necessary.

Here’s how it works:

  • UV rays break down the debris: The titanium oxide layer in the coating gets to work when the sun is shining – or not. Even on cloudy days, 80% of UV radiation gets through to your home’s surface. Neat® glass reacts chemically to these UV rays and starts a process that decomposes organic material that creates dirty windows – such as dust, resins, bird droppings and fingerprints.
  • Rain washes the debris away: Dirty windows come from a combination of dirt, leaves and debris that build up on the outside surface of the glass. But the reaction between UV rays and the patented Neat® glass coating breaks down these components. When it rains, they wash away instead of clinging to the glass, allowing Mother Nature to take care of the rinsing for you – or at least speed up the process.
  • Engineering keeps glass even cleaner: Whether it’s raining or you’re using a hose to rinse exterior windows, you’ll notice the silicon dioxide layer of Neat® window coating in action. This layer makes the surface of the coating exceptionally smooth and hydrophilic. Unlike plain glass, water hitting a Neat® coating spreads out instead of beading up. As a result, water sheets off the windows, speeding the drying process and reducing water spots. This specialized engineering technique makes a clear difference in the appearance of your windows.

How is Neat® Glass Made?

Manufacturing Neat® Glass involves applying several layers of coating – each applied in separate chambers. Each layer is applied through “sputtering” – a process that sprays an ultra-thin, smooth coating onto the surface of the glass. Inside each coating chamber, positive ions attract to the negatively charged target ions of that layer. The attraction pushes the coating into the surface of the glass molecule by molecule. As a result, Neat® glass contains multiple layers of materials that reduce cleaning time while maintaining a smooth, sleek finish that sheets off water.

The titanium dioxide coating helps windows stay clean through its two best features; being photocatalytic (light-activated) and hydrophilic (water-loving). So, enjoy your sunny days – and cloudy ones too – with windows that stay cleaner longer. Neat® Glass coating can be applied to any size or style of windows, so be sure to ask us how easy it is to make dirty windows a myth by adding Neat® Glass to your order from Jack’s Wholesale Windows.

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